EuroVis Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award

The EuroVis Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award recognizes outstanding dissertations in academic research and development over topics relevant to visualization. The intent of this award is to recognize excellent young researchers in their early career and to highlight visualization research. The award is managed by the Best Ph.D. dissertation committee, constituted by a Chair appointed by the EuroVis Steering Committee.


Eligibility includes PhDs from the European visualization community (e.g., through contributions to the EuroVis conference) that defended and get awarded the degree of Doctor from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020. There is no limitation on the number of nominations that may be made by a university.


The student’s advisor should email the nomination package to The package must contain:

  1. A nomination letter written by the student’s advisor including the name, email address and phone number of the advisor, the name, email address and CV of the candidate, and a one-page summary of the significance of the dissertation (references to papers should be provided on an extra sheet)
  2. A copy of the dissertation
  3. Optional additional letters of recommendation or assessments on the candidate thesis, such as reviewing or defense reports, can also be attached to the submission.

Deadline for nominations is January 15, 2020.

Additional info is available on the EuroVis Ph.D. Award page at the EG website.