Hybrid EuroVis 2021

The ongoing global health crisis has impacted the scientific community and made us rethink how we share, discuss and celebrate the research accomplishments in our field. While the recent virtual conferences successfully opened the community to a wider audience, traditional physical conferences were missed for their social aspects that sparked collaborations and new research ideas.

Given the health and safety constraints, we consider a combined physical and virtual event by conducting EuroVis for the first time as a hybrid conference. Depending on the state of the COVID pandemic in the summer, the physical part of the hybrid conference might have to be cancelled, which will turn the hybrid conference into a completely virtual event. To which extent a physical part can be implemented will be decided in the first quarter of 2021.

We will keep you updated on this page and make announcements on Twitter @EuroVisConf.


Can I present my work virtually?

Yes! Regardless of what the state of the COVID pandemic is in your home country or in Switzerland: The choice to attend physically or virtually is always up to you.

Can I join virtually even when I registered for physical attendance?

Yes! Every physical registration includes access to all virtual material. If you plan to cancel your physical attendance, we would appreciate if you briefly inform us ( such that we can plan the physical part under social distancing constraints better.

What if the physical part of the conference is not possible?

At the moment, it is difficult to estimate how strict the regulations will be at the time of the conference. If the physical part of the conference cannot take place, the hybrid conference will convert to a virtual conference.

Is there a quarantine period in Switzerland?

At the moment, the arrival from several different countries requires a quarantine. For planning, up-to-date information must be considered at the time of registration in spring, which is up to the attendee. For Switzerland, you can visit the website of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health for the list and updates.